Razors Edge Sharpening
Razors Edge Sharpening
We Will Come To Your Location,You Can Come To Our Location Or Just Ship It To Us
We Will Come To Your Location,You Can Come To Our LocationOr Just Ship It To Us

Garden Tools

When taking care of your cherished plants having sharp tools to trim , shapem or thin out is crucial to there overall health and appearance. Using dull tools can leave uneven, jagged and torn bark and branches letting disease and bugs easy access.Using sharp tools leave a clean cut better for them to heal over more quickly improving overall health of your plants.

All Garden toos will be inspected upon reciept for any additional damage, cleaned, sharpened and tested.



Price List


Loppers                                 $7.00

Hedge Shears                      $10.00

Electric Hedge Shears        $15.00 per ft.

Grass Clippers                       $8.00

Axe/ Hatchet Single Side   $7.00

Axe/ Hatchet Double Sided $12.00

Remove Nicks                         $2.00


Where to Find Us:

170 Sisco Rd.

Pomona Park, Fl. 32181

Phone: 484-620-1077

What's New

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.

Mon. Thru Sat.10am. to 6pm.


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